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Our Mission

Through the knowledge, wisdom, and teaching of SNBH (Nahasdz11n) will be the Diné traditional living system that places human life in harmony with the natural world and the universe and provides principles both for protection from imperfections of life for the development of well being.

  1. To apply this principle to advance quality of learning in the study of Diné language, culture, philosophy,
  2. history and artwork, food, etc.
  3. Through this principles, to prepare learners for further studies and employment in Navajo World, in a
  4. multi-cultural and technological world.
  5. Through SNBH (Nahasdz11n) world be in fostering social spiritual responsibility, community service and research that contributes to the economic and cultural well being of the Navajo Nation.  To understand duality through SNBH this is our essence and existence of life.

Our Vision

If we as a Navajo Nation are to continue to grow and to prosper, each member of our society must be provided with an opportunity to acquire a positive self image, self esteem, self motivation and a clear sense of self identity. To do this, we need a true positive Din4 knowledge and teaching which is Sa’2h Naagh17 Bik’eh H0zh00n, the guidance to the Corn Pollen road of life. Through the philosophy, values, beliefs and teachings of, we can learn to understand that beautiful Corn pollen Road of Life that can teach us and make us learn the understanding of the learning that provides stability and effectiveness of our growth development and guidance to our goals to protect our Din4 language, culture, knowledge, philosophy, history, ceremonies, artwork and government. We will also use this knowledge to educate ourselves and our generation with this knowledge and teachings.

Our Purpose

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – MLK

Through the knowledge, wisdom and teaching of SNBH (Dzi[ Naat’1h) will be the positive understanding of Diné ethics, moral laws, holistic, spiritual laws, social laws, common laws, principles, ceremonial laws and eternal laws.  Through this knowledge we’ll be positive and we’ll keep a positive attitude, behavior to be full of energy we will avoid laziness, negative thoughts, negative situations and people who have a negative influence on us.

Through and with this knowledge the intent is to empower learners to meet the challenges of the Navajo world and westernized world which are characterized by competition, and increasing pluralization of societies.  To learn to be very enthusiastic no matter what we do that is good, because it is very important to all of us.We would always learn to do more than is asked or expected of us to do. We would never be lazy. The Institute for Diné is intended to provide a very simple foundation in Diné language, culture, philosophy, history, government and artwork.  Mainly to develop the general knowledge and intellectual and personal skills needed for successful learning and employment in a rapidly changing society.  To make learners to have a positive self-image and identity in this changing society.

They will never forget that they are Diné.

Our Philosophy

The Institute for Diné Culture, Philosophy, and Government, L.L.C. was established primarily to fulfill the special Diné educational and fundamental needs of the residents of the Navajo Nation. Emphasis is placed in the area of study which is designed ultimately to provide training for this type of teaching and learning that is needed within the Navajo Nation, through and with the knowledge, wisdom, teaching and the disciplines of Nahasdzaan, Dzil Naat’a, Haashch’ee Yalti’i, Shabitl’ool and Naats’ii’lid. This will complete the type of knowledge of training needed in various areas where these needs exist.  The institution also will provide training in other fields for non-Navajos to prepare them to learn and understand our purpose in Din4 education and the life of our generation.

Ultimately, the Institute for Diné is committed to provide a quality educational experience which is intellectually challenging and which seeks to develop the potential abilities of the learners. To do so, it is essential that a balance be maintained among the various areas of Diné academic study such that no one area is emphasized to the extent that a learner is prevented from acquiring a board perspective of learning disciplines.