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Services Provided



We provide curriculum development for all levels of education, from K-12 grade. 


Workshops &

Our workshops consist of a variety of topics, including language revitalization, Diné Ceremonial etiquette, child education, etc. 

We also have conferences yearly, with our popular conference in February. 


Educational & Classroom 

Now offering posters for sale.

We have a variety of posters with different traditional content for each. We will sell them in bundles and individually. 

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Video Catalog &

If you enjoy our conference you can stream and watch them on our streaming service website. Not only that but we also have different videos to watch, including our premium series on the Diné perspective on COVID-19 or our popular female and male puberty series. 

Video Catalog

Powered by 

We are excited to announce our new streaming platform powered by Uscreen. Check out our latest videos and watch our content in one place. New episodes come out weekly and we upload new and different series, monthly.

Join now, with three different subscription plans to choose from, and also be on the lookout for special discounts and deals on our social media accounts. 

Be sure to check out our premium video series on COVID-19 and how the pandemic affects us Diné People, or you can watch our popular video on the female and male puberty ceremony with a special demonstration. 

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