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About the Institute of Diné Culture Philosophy & Government LLC

We provide technical and professional services in developing educational programs to fit the needs of the Native child. The Institute will provide services to evaluate current program curriculums within schools and to give expert recommendations to develop, restructure, realign and articulate curriculums to mandated state and federal regulations. Most importantly, the Institute will integrate the curriculums by incorporating the traditional Native American teachings and principles to current pedagogies of teaching in the 21st Century. Along with the curriculum development and alignment, the Institute will assist in realigning current local school assessments and rubrics to specifically target individual student needs in their mental, emotional, social and physical developmental areas. All rights reserved. No part of these photos, videos, audio recordings, presentations, or graphic designs may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the expressed written permission of the Dine Institute organization. All copyright is under the Institute for Dine Culture, Philosophy, and Government, LLC.


Mission and Vision 





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